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The new Calapan City District Jail is located at Barangay Sapul, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro is a two-storey building constructed under the good stewardship of J/INSP ANCEL U BANDIOLA, Calapan City District Jail Warden and during the incumbency of J/SSUPT MARIA IRENE A ESQUINAS, BJMP-MIMAROPA Regional Director. It was built in a 1500 square meter lot donated by the City of Calapan under the tenure of the very supportive City Mayor, Hon. Arnan C. Panaligan.

The construction begun on July 8, 2019 with fund coming from the 2019 General Appropriations Act in the amount of P19, 359, 773.76. Part of the future improvements will be coming from the funds of the City Government of Calapan and of the Provincial Government of Oriental Mindoro. The building sprout from a humble dream and is now a reality. It can accommodate 600 PDL and shall be manned by the humane, highly trained, and skilled personnel of the old City District Jail who shall continue to do their mandated task.

The new building has twelve (12) jail cells and it has a complete amenities for personal necessities of the PDL as required by the bureau such as latrines with lavatories, and the like. It has an appropriate space for sports activities that includes a basketball court.

The new city jail building will be inaugurated on March 11, 2021 in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ. There are so much things to be done and to be carried on by the BJMP - Calapan City District Jail in order to change, mold and transform the PDL under its watch from this day forward and years to come in order to build a safer community and nation as a whole.


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San Teodoro District Jail covers the municipality of San Teodoro, and Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro respectively. This jail was officially activated on May 2000 right after the received of the Memorandum from Assistant Regional Director of RBJMP4A, Lucena City dated 18 April of the same year: re Take over and Clustering of Gloria and Bongabong to Bansud District Jail and Puerto Galera to San Teodoro District Jail. Further, JO3 Nicanor L Matining III was the first warden and J/INSP HERMAN JOSE G MADRIGAL is the present warden of San Teodoro District Jail.

It is a one (1) story-building constructed and funded by the BJMP and the lot was usufruct by the Municipality of San Teodoro. It is located at Brgy. Poblacion, Municipal Hall, San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro. Built to a total lot area of 108 sqm, and an actual floor area of 78sqm. that occupies facilities such as; four (4) PDL dorms with a toilet inside with lighting facilities and with sufficient supply of water (total cell area of 29.86), kitchen, and personnel's quarter. With an anterior perimeter fence made of concrete and barbwire and cyclone wire at the rear wall. The jail facility is equipped with three (3) CCTV’s located in the front main gate of the cells, in the middle between kitchen and cells and at the back of the jail for security purposes. The facility is approximately 300 meters away from the coastline.

At present, San Teodoro District Jail has a population of  Fifty-one (51) Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) compromising of forty-eight (48) male and three (3) female manned by one (1) Jail Officer Rank and twelve (12 ) Jail Non-Officer Rank all with an issued firearm.


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Naujan District Jail  is located at Bgry Poblacion 1 Naujan, Oriental Mindoro at the back of Naujan Municipal Hall. It was 9 km away from the national highway and Family court. Public market is within the vicinity along with municipal police, and bureau of fire protection. In addition the RPSB Batallion of the PNP is just 15 km away. At the back of the jail was a small creek and forest area.

The Jail building of Naujan District Jail was a former Municipal Police Station of Naujan. It was turn over to BJMP when Naujan MPS moved out to their new constructed police station. Renovations were done to ensure that the building is still habitable despite of its oldness.

Naujan District Jail covers two (2) Munipilitaies, the town of Victoria  with approximate distance of 22 kilometers and town of Naujan wherein the jail was situated. It is located at the left back portion of Municipal Building of Naujan. It has a lot area of three ninety six (396) and floor area of 165 square meters and has a dorm area of sixty square meters. With barbed wire as main perimeter fence. Each dorm has comfort rooms and water supply. At present jail facility has eighty (80) Persons deprived of liberty (PDL) and being manned by fourteen (14) BJMP personnel.


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Bansud District Jail caters six (6) municipalities with an approximate distance of 10km, 13km, 21km, 31km, and 42km between each co-clustered municipalities namely Bongabong, Gloria, Pinamalayan, Socorro and Pola respectively. This jail was officially activated on May of 2000. It is located at the municipal complex of Bansud, adjacent to the BFP, PNP and MCTC building. Municipality of Bansud is situated in the southeast of Oriental Mindoro with an approximate distance of ninety kilometers (90 kms) from Calapan City, the capital of this province. It has a total lot area of one thousand square meters (1,000 sq m) with the complete perimeter fence, its building area is approximately two hundred fifty square meters (250 sq m). It has six(6) cells Five (5) for male offenders, one (1) for female offenders, currently manned by twenty (20) Personnel one (1) JOR and nineteen (19) JNOR with ninety four (94) PDL, Bansud District has two (2) transport vehicle.

The facility is located approximately 300 meters away from highway but still vulnerable to attack from outside forces since the back portion is bounded by a huge lowland rice.


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Roxas District Jail is approximately 128 kilometers away from the city of Calapan and it is located at Morente St. Camp Gozar, Roxas, Oriental Mindoro. It was assumed by the BJMP from PNP on July 24, 2007 pursuant to Memorandum from the Secretary of DILG dated 20 June 2007, headed by J/CSUPT DORIS REMEDIOS-DORIGO as Regional Director, J/SUPT JOSEFINA A DEL FIERRO as Jail Provincial Administrator and SJO2 Vivencio G Guarte as Municipal Jail Warden and JO2 Alfredo N Majaba as Deputy Warden during the formal take over  and sustained by three (3) BJMP personnel.

Roxas District Jail was constructed and inaugurated on 25 February 2011. It started with Two (2) cells and with toilets. The facility was intended for Thirty (30) PDL with lot area of 886 sq m width, floor area of 67 sq m and cell area of 12 sq m. At present, the unit has five (5) functional cells and has a new Four (4) story-building composed of Fifteen (15) cells, built to conform to the growing jail population. Currently, the facility is headed by JINSP LESLIE T DANGUPON, Warden and has a total jail population of Ninety Nine (99) PDL.