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The Puerto Princesa City Jail (PPCJ) with a total land area of 2,816 square meters is situated at Brgy. Sta Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. It is five (5) kilometres away from the south bound of city proper. It was formally turned-over to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) in 1992, a year after its creation pursuant to Section 60 to 65 of Republic Act 6975, otherwise known as the “Department of Interior and Local Government Act of 1990” as a line bureau of the DILG.

The jail was formerly supervised by the defunct Philippine Constabulary/ Integrated National Police personnel who eventually absorbed as first Jail Officers of the said detention facility. SJO4  Cipriano F Sumagaysay became the first City Warden with twelve (12) personnel who manned ten (10) detention cells during that time  with  two hundred thirty (230) Person Deprived of Liberty.

PPCJ was recently awarded by Hon. Mayor Lucilo Rodriguez Bayron as 1st prize winner for the 2014 Cleanest and Greenest Jails and Colonies. Being located within the “City in a Forest”, the world’s nature sanctuary, it has become a haven for safekeeping and development of inmates.

In October 2018, the Puerto Princesa City Jail was declared as the 1st Drug Free BJMP facility nationwide under the leadership of J/CINSP LINO M MONTANO MBA.

Presenty, the City Jail has twenty four (24) detention cells for male PDL and one (1) dormitory for female Person Deprived of Liberty. It has an average jail population of four hundred fifty (450) PDL for the year 2020.PPCJ is currently spearheaded by its Officer-in-Charge, J/INSP ARIEL O PABULAYAN together with forty-four (44) snappy men and women of the City Jail workforce.


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SJO4 Chalie A Malitao Jr.

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The Narra District Jail is presently located at National Highway,  Bgy. Antipuluan, Narra, Palawan. situated in between Bureau of Fire Protection, Narra, Palawan and Narra Municipal Police Station, likewise approximately 2 kilometers away from Narra Municipal Hall , Narra, Palawan.

Narra District Jail is comprising a total land area of 3,680 square meters. Ever since, it was constructed with four cells

equipped with complete grills. The perimeter fence is concrete topped with barb wire and with layers of concertina wire and was constructed last 2015.The dirty kitchen was made up of light materials adjacent to the portion of the building. The building facilities were completely installed with electrical wirings and comfort rooms is stationed in every cell as well as the Wardens office and the Personnel’s quarter. Narra Distrcit Jail safekeep a total jail population of five PDL, four of which is male and one female, respectively.


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BROOKE’S POINT DISTRICT JAIL (BPDJ) has moved to its new site at Bgy. Tubtub,Brooke’s Point, Palawan last July 2019 almost 3- 5 minutes ride from Poblacion proper,Brooke’s Point, Palawan. SJO4 Raul F Quejano became the 1 st Warden of this unit who served from 1997- 2001. It became District Jail on November 2007 upon the request of J/SUPT TEDDY O AQUINO (Ret.) to then BJMPRO IV-B Regional Director J/CSUPT DORIS R DORIGO (Ret.). BPDJ covers Southern Municipalities of;

  • Brooke’s Point
  • Bataraza
  • Rizal
  • Quezon
  • Sofronio Española
  • Balabac
  • Kalayaan Group of Island

Following its groundbreaking on 14 February 2018, the new building is inaugurated last 19 October 2018 during former RD J/SSupt REVELINA A SINDOL. BPDJ officially conducted its “Oplan Lipat Kulungan” to its present last 6 July 2019. The jail has a land area of 5,000 sq.m. donated by Brooke’s Point Municipal Mayor ATTY. MARY JEAN D FELICIANO with 8m x 26.4m area. Presently has three (3) concrete two- storey building each with eight (8) dorms constructed last February 2018 and finally inaugurated last 23 April 2021 surrounded with steel matting and barbed wire perimeter fence. Transfer of about one hundred (100) PDL to the new jail building is conducted last 31 May 2021 occupying first two (2) dorms. Presently, J/SINSP DARWIN I MOTILLA is assigned as District Jail Warden who leads twenty seven (27) Jail Personnel and one (1) None- Uniformed Nurse in safe keeping three hundred forty three (343) residents whose most cases are pending before Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 165, Brooke’s Point, Palawan. 


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SJO4 Reynold B Felipe

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Located at Sitio Montevista, Poblacion, Taytay, Palawan which is approximately two hundred thirteen (213) km. away from Puerto Princesa City, Palawan. It is located in the Northern Portion of the Province of Palawan with three hundred thousand inhabitants as of the latest survey bounded by the Municipality of Agutaya in the southwest and the Municipality of El Nido in the Eastern side of the Island.

The building which houses the jail is a duplex type structure whereas the adjacent building is occupied by the MCTC courtroom and office. The Municipal Jail is secured by a 3-meter high fence made of indigenous materials such as buho, bamboo, and round timber strengthened by loops of barbed wire attached at the top with its secondary fence made of barb wire with wooden posts.

Taytay Municipal Jail as of this date has 1 serving sentence inmate. It has only one (1) cell with no separate ones for female and minor offenders. At present, it is manned by three (04) personnel including the Warden with two of its personnel designated in multi-task functions.

So far there was no concrete evidence that will suffice as to the presence of threat groups in the area or if there was an intelligence report suggesting that a limited area of Taytay is used as an evacuation post only.