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On December 23, 1997, an order from RBJMP4 was issued directing J/SSUPT CESAR D TAN, then PJA, Romblon, to facilitate the takeover of Odiongan Municipal Jail from the control of the Philippine National Police to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. On that same day, SJO1 Floro F Falceso was designated as the jail warden.

In a very simple ceremony, SPO4 Nestor R dela Cruz, the last PNP warden, formally handed over to SJO1 Falceso the administrative and operational control of the Odiongan Municipal Jail.

The Odiongan Municipal Jail was previously located at Brgy. Tabing-Dagat and within the municipal building. It was adjacent to the Odiongan PNP Station and Odiongan Fire Station. It has an approximate land area of one hundred (100) square meters.

Built in sub-standard condition, the old jail, consisting of six (6) detention cells, was considered escape-prone, congested, no adequate ventilation, no separate cell for minors, and no enough living space wherein inmates can work freely under certain restrictions.


In its memorandum dated 22 November 2002, the ARD, RBJMP4-B proposed the clustering of San Andres Municipal Jail to Odiongan Municipal Jail and the subsequent creation of Odiongan District Jail in order to help maximize the utilization of personnel and promote the establishment of an efficient supervision and control of jails.

Finally, Hon. Jose D. Lina, then DILG secretary and concurrent BJMP Director, approved the creation of Odiongan District Jail on November 28, 2002.


Sometime in 2004, the Odiongan District Jail is encountering some legal problems pertaining to the managing of its own jail facilities. The municipal government of Odiongan, Romblon told the BJMP officials to vacate the area it was occupying within the municipal building allegedly to start the renovation of the building but without any alternative place where the inmates will be temporarily detained.

Relative thereto, the BJMP requested the assistance of the concerned government agencies to look for possible temporary detention places. On January 31, 2005, the Sangguniang Bayan of Odiongan, Romblon passed Resolution No. 2005-09 requesting the provincial government of Romblon to allow the BJMP to house its inmates to the Romblon Provincial Jail extension in Sitio Tuguis, Brgy. Progreso Este, Odiongan, Romblon.


Finally, on October 25, 2005, the Bureau Of Jail Management and Penology, represented by the Regional Director J/SSUPT EGMEDIO R CALLOS, and the provincial government of Romblon, represented by Governor Perpetuo B. YLAGAN, signed a memorandum of agreement allowing the BJMP to occupy the jail building being used by the Romblon Provincial Jail – extension by way of usufruct.

In this connection, the Odiongan District Jail assumes all responsibilities relative to the effective safekeeping and development of inmates coming from different nearby municipalities of Romblon and under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Regional Trial Court Branch 82, Odiongan, Romblon.

On 01 November 2005, prison guard iii Elanie G. Fillartos, OIC, Romblon Provincial Jail-extension, formally turned over the custody of their fifty four (54) inmates to the Odiongan District Jail as well as other government properties including the jail building.


After a decade of meaningful service to our nation, the Odiongan District Jail, formerly Odiongan Municipal Jail has produced a total of eight (8) BJMP personnel who held the rein of leadership as jail warden. The first three (3) were all non-officers, holding the ranks from JO3 TO SJO1, while the last five (5) wardens are all officers with the rank of jail inspector and at the same time, the Provincial Jail Administrator of Romblon. J/SINSP ROBERTO R BENZON is the current Jail Warden.


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Sibuyan District Jail is located at Brgy. Poblacion Cajidiocan, Romblon and it is adjacent to Municipal Police Station. It is situated beside the Municipal Hall Building of Cajidiocan with an approximate distance of 200 meters away from the Municipal Circuit Trial Court Branch 004, Philippine Coast Guard and BFP Cajidiocan.

The jail building was built on April 1992 during the leadership of SPO4 Precillano Rabino, Chief of Police and under the incumbency of the former Municipal Mayor Hon. Gontanco. The full authority to manage the Jail was formally turned over to the management of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology on May 1998, JO3 Roque Mortel took post as the first warden of this jail. After SJO3 Mortel retired, the following Jail Officers were installed as warden of this unit for succeeding years, SJO3 Jonito R Roa, SJO2 Floro F Falceso, SJO1 Frankie M Romano, JO3 James Jorge R Mayor, SJO3 Armando R Mapola, SJO4 Roberto R Benzon, JO1 Romelle F Fallarcuna and JO2 Noemi M Falcunitin is presently performing duty as Officer-In-Charge.

The floor area of the jail building measures 48 sqm. Surrounded with temporary perimeter fence made of cyclone and barb wire. It is consist of two (2) cells, one (1) for male PDL and one (1), with an ideal capacity of ten (10) PDL.

Presently Sibuyan District Jail has zero (0) PDL and manned by one (1) BJMP personnel with one (1) firepower capacity.


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Romblon District Jail is located at the ground floor of the Old Municipal Building of Romblon, Romblon with a total floor area of 40.86 square meters. The jail has three (3) operational cells with an ideal capacity of six (6) Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL).

When the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology was created in the year 1991, it took five (5) years for Romblon Province to have its own BJMP manned jail. The command post was formally turned over by the former Station Commander PINSP ERNESTO F MADRONA to SJO3 Jonito Muleta, the first warden of this jail unit and J/INSP LINDA F MINGOA was the first BJMP Provincial Administrator of Romblon Province. After a year of service as Jail Officer, SJO3 Jonito Muleta retired and the command post was turnover to SJO3 Arnaldo M Mangaring in the year 1996. As years passed by, the BJMP Romblon Municipal Jail as well as its personnel was recognized by the National and Local Government Unit Officials/Employees and individuals as a national performing institution with its own visions and missions.

On 09 July 2018, under the leadership of SJO4 Dante R Montilla, the proposal to cluster San Agustin and Sta. Maria Municipal Jail and renaming it as Romblon District Jail was approved.

At present Romblon District Jail has twenty-eight (28) PDL and being manned by fourteen (14) BJMP personnel under the supervision of J/INSP EFREN S OLIVAR.